Ground-Breaking Technology

The Sky Setting is the first of its kind, completely eliminating the need for prongs and consequently showing off much more diamond surface area. However, it also sets itself apart from other settings by allowing openings on to both the sides and bottom of the stone. The techniques behind this innovation are closely-guarded secrets, especially considering the breathtaking presentation it creates.

Modern Magic

By allowing 360 degrees of unobstructed diamond views, the SkySetting allows you and your jewelry to shine bright like a shooting star. Thanks to technological advancements, SkySet shows up to 70% more surface area with no metal covering the top of the stone. This unprecedented design makes your diamonds appear as if they're floating in the sky, above the skin, with nothing to hold them in place but space. It also invites more light to flow through the diamonds, creating a breathtaking presentation of fine jewelry for any occasion.

Securely Set

While Skyset jewelry may create the illusion of floating diamonds, in reality the stone itself is very secure. In fact, preliminary research indicates that Skyset jewelry provides more security than traditional diamond settings.

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